Monday, January 21, 2008

She is down two!

Sadie is already down 2 teeth! She lost the second one at church on Sunday. During sacrament meeting she handed Josh a tooth, and he handed it right over to me! She is very excited to be losing teeth. I think that it is only because the tooth fairy gets to come and visit!


kim said...

Yay Sadie! It was so good to talk to you this morning and you will have to let me know when you lose another tooth! Love you!

Karen said...

Stinkin' adorable!!! Ican't believe she's already lost 2 teeth...although Riley lost his 1st one at 4 and a half!!! Could your family be any CUTER...and you must be only like 21, Danielle...your mom looks like she's 30.....CUTE,ADORABLE,POSTS!! Looks like Christmas vaca was a to ya soon:)