Saturday, January 5, 2008


I think we had the best Christmas possible! We were so lucky to have my parents and my sister here to share in the fun of Christmas Day with us. I have learned that Christmas is all about the kids, and that doesn't stop when your kids are grown and married. Mom and Dad-Thank you again! Sam and Sadie were more excited about the presents that Gammie and Bumpa gave them, so that is what follows.

Sam received his first ride on tractor! He is a little bit afraid of actually pushing the peddle to make it go, but he obviously really likes his John Deere.

Sadie was so happy to finally get Elizabeth. We have had an American Girl catalog laying around the house and Elizabeth is the one doll that Sadie said she wanted to have. I guess it is a good thing that Gammie picked the right one, especially since we had the catalog after the doll was ordered!

Thanks mom and dad for making this Christmas a special one!