Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! We started off our Easter celebrations by heading over to the Mesa LDS Temple Easter Pageant. This has become a tradition of sorts for our family. I loved having Sam sit on my lap and ask me lots of questions about what was happening during the pageant. He wanted to make sure that they weren't going to really nail the actor playing Christ to the cross! Both kids also had many doctrinal questions which kept me on my toes until Sam headed over to Josh's lap and quickly fell asleep! I guess it was good but not that good!

We had a visit from the Easter bunny as well! The Easter Bunny sure does know these kids! Haha! They seemed happy with their baskets...except for Sadie who said that she hates 'Hello Kitty' and wasn't happy that she had received a very large 'Hello Kitty' activity book. Oh well, you can't win them all!

Traditional Easter fare was followed by a family bike ride in which we went to deliver some orange rolls (which were pretty darn good if I do say so myself!) to a family and then ended up staying there for a while...that is as far as we got! It was more of a visit with friends!

All in all it was a fantastic Easter! We are so grateful for the gospel in our lives. We know that our Savior lives. As Sadie and Sam said when getting into bed, "Easter is really the most important holiday!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sam loves his cousins....especially the little ones! He loves to cuddle! I thought this was a priceless moment. Sam wanted to hold his newest cousin, Asher. While Asher was sleeping Sam snuggled up to him on the couch and enjoyed every moment of it. He still asks me if he can snuggle with his cousins more often. Kim, Jess and better get having some kids so Sam can snuggle with them! Well, you better move closer too!

I just love this picture! Sadie and Sam trying to hold Lulu and Asher while Benton is off on his own! Sam is trying to either give Asher a head massage or get him to look at the camera...I'll let you decide. Hopefully we can get another picture like this in the summer! Love all these adorable cousins!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Glasses Crew

Sam with his favorite pair of his borrowed glasses! Thanks Dad!

Sadie with her favorite pair of borrowed glasses!The neighborhood 'Glasses Crew' which is mostly borrowed glasses...but some are real! We miss Will and Gracie playing in front but the kids are loving the friends that they play with on a regular basis! Glasses and all!


Today I was reflecting back on some of the great trips we have been able to take over the past couple of months! I will post more pictures someday....but for now here are a couple!
Mom-I know you are going to hate me for posting this picture of you!! However, I loved hiking in St George with our fantastic trail guides!
My dad had great clues that had the kids running and searching on the entire hike! Thanks dad for making an average hike a great adventure! I will always remember searching for the evidence of two animals at the same time! Haha!

While in New York City we were fortunate enough to get a backstage tour from a cast member of Lion King! It was amazing to see the costumes up close and personal. Do you think I have enough stuff in my arms?!?

We are longing for this great view again! Yes-that is Time Square! Who doesn't love New York?!? We had a blast ice skating-twice, going to amazing shows, shopping and enjoying incredible food. Sadie and Sam are wondering when we are going back! Sadie is begging for a girls trip when 'Newsies' opens on Broadway!

I have never laughed so hard as watching these 4 ice skate in Central Park! What a blast! Josh literally dragged Sam around the rink. The four of them had a race lap at the end that was truly comical which included Sadie falling and telling Kim to continue on to win the race! "TOUCH THE WALL," were her exact words! Classic! I loved being able to take care of sweet Benton while Kim skated! My feet were still recovering from skating in Rockefeller Center.

We truly are blessed! What great trips we have gone on! Thanks to our great family for wonderful memories!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pianist

Sadie had her first opportunity to play the piano...all by herself! She did an amazing job! She didn't make a single mistake and I don't think she even needed the music! Way to go!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Elves!

My sneaky elves are showing off! I hope they get all of their work done soon! We must very elfish this year because we are lucky enough to have Christopher and Freddie at our home during this Christmas season as well! They are getting creative at hiding around our house!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sam is 5!!

I can not believe that our little guy is 5! Time flies when you are having fun! Sam had school on his birthday. These are the boys in his class and they are all the best of buds! Thanks Tommy, Lance and Titan for being good friends! This group is going to be tons of fun in Kindergarten. Sam had to take in his new favorite treat of M&M Chocolate Chip cookies.....Gammie's specialty item!

He had to take care of his favorite thing.....the garden! Sam loves to water the garden. I had a nursery owner tell me that one of the best things for a garden is eggshells. So, I was adding my eggshells to the garden and Sam asked why I was doing this unusual task. I explained why and then his response was, "Thanks mom for telling me this important information. When I am older and a Dad I will know how to take care of my garden and I can teach my kids! Thanks for helping me be a better Dad." What 5 year old is thinking of this stuff already! Sam you are wise beyond your years!

Sam wanted to have an ice cream cone on his birthday and that is what he got! Chocolate.....of course!

On Sunday we had family over to celebrate. Of course there were presents with cousins!

More of "Gammie's Cookies" and ice cream. Yes, I did have to make more of the same cookie!

Sam's self-portrait on his birthday! Taking pictures of EVERYTHING is Sam's new hobby. Just like his father in that sense. I had to delete about 30 pictures to get to the couple that we took! Love ya little guy!

5 things that we love about Sam!
1. You make us laugh ALL the time!
2. Your booty shakin, especially cute in underwear.
3. Your deep thoughts at times that make me wonder what is going on in that head of yours.
4. You are the biggest cuddle bug ever! We love your hugs and kisses!
5. You love to learn...anything about everything!

Happy 5th Birthday Sam!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a great looking cowboy and one fancy cowgirl roaming around our house during the week of Halloween!