Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sea World

Day 3 took us to Sea World. It is always fun to see all of the fun shows at Sea World. It was neat to see the "Shamu" show set to Christmas carols. It was a new twist on an old favorite! We had a specatular day and the kids really enjoyed themselves!

They knew we were coming! Right when we walked in the Clydesdale horses pulled up right in front of us! It is pretty amazing to see these horses up close and all put together like they are. Sadie was in shock and Sam liked the dalmation that was perched on top of the wagon!

Sadie was tall enough to ride "The Artic Zone" ride with Josh. She then climbed into the polar bear cave. Josh said she wasn't too excited to be in there because of the recorded sounds that were being played. I can understand. She still is smiling for the camera though!

I gave in and bought the kids some cotton candy for one of the shows. I just thought that the piece that Sam grabbed was about as big as his head!