Monday, January 7, 2008

San Diego Zoo

Day 2 of our adventure took us to the San Diego Zoo! It was a lot of fun, but very crowded. We made our way around the zoo with lots of laughter and had a good time.

Sadie and Jess gave us a good laugh in giraffe masks! Jess you are quite the animal!

Sadie has gone APES! She loved watching the apes and orangutans. So many of them walked right past where we were standing. This one sat and licked the window for a while, gross!

Josh is always the good sport! Jess always likes to live on the wild side, or just make Josh work really hard to push her up the hill. It was funny though to see her climb into that stroller!

Of course you have to take a picture on the gold hippo. Just after the kids had finished taking their picture Josh and Jess, my sister, decided that they wanted a picture on the hippo as well. Josh slid right off the back end and came very close to splitting his pants wide open. Jess-I still need a copy of that picture!


kim said...

Why am I not surprised?!! Of course Jess and Josh would try to take a silly picture and then she would make him push her up the hill! I love what Sadie said about it this morning, "She was squishing me!". It looks like a ton of fun- I definitely want to see the picture of josh falling off the hippo!