Monday, April 19, 2010

Sadie's Field Trip (from a long time ago!)

Sadie had a field trip....a while ago....oops! There were so many parents that were willing to go on the field trip that the parents names had to be drawn out of a hat as to who could go on the bus. Sadie came home from school one day before the field trip and said, "Mom, I have some sad news and some good news. You were not one of the "Chosen Ones"....but you can still go on the field trip!" Actually, I was ok with that! That meant that I could bring Sam and ride with Nikkii and not be worried about what 30 kids are doing on the bus! Anyway, I think the thing that Sadie was most excited for was to ride on the bus! Why is it that kids are most excited to do something that really isn't very exciting? With the regulator on the bus a 30 minute drive became 50 minutes that I was fine missing out on!The most thrilling part of the day was going to the Sting Ray Bay! We were able to feed the sting rays some shrimp and fish! The kids weren't so sure about it, but they enjoyed feeling the sting rays when I could get them up close with the food! Sam just sat in amazement the entire time not even thinking about getting close to the water! Sadie loved it and was close to falling in due to excitement!

Sam wanted to play with my camera on the drive home and I ended up with about 40 random pictures of shoes, self portraits, cars driving by, clouds, the back of the seat, and many more! We had a great time with Sadie and her cute friends!