Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter in St George

We were fortunate to head to St George for Easter/General Conference weekend! We had a great time! Kim and Sadie made these adorable bunny ears for everyone. Kim was kind to include Sadie. Sadie even said that it was the most excitement that she has had in a while. I guess I need to step up the fun level at home! Thanks Kim for creating some fun for Sadie!
You would have thought that it was Christmas with how much the kids got from the Easter Bunny! They loved everything and spent the day playing with all their trinkets! Benton even loved his toys!
The whole gang after our egg hunt! Thanks Mom and Dad for filling the eggs! Sam was kind enough to help me find all of my eggs! I don't think that I could have done it without him! It was fun hanging out with my family and watching conference.
The cousins! I have to say that Sadie and Sam are enamored with Benton! Sam even cried when Benton was heading home. They love Benton and are excited for Lulu to come!


Kim said...

I love all of the posts! Keep them coming please! I love how Sadie said to you, "I have some sad news and some good news..." Can't wait to hang out again sometime soon! love you and Benton is definitely missing his cousins.