Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Weekend in Utah

We had such a fun weekend in Utah recently.
(I copied Kim's list-with some small additions! Love ya sis!)
1. Josh was able to go to the opening night of his art show for his polaroids. Hopefully the first of many gallery shows!
Saans Gallery in Salt Lake City

2.We were able to watch our incredibly talented brother-in-law Ryan Toolson "Tool Time" play some exciting Basketball.

4. Real Sledding in the backyard! Once again thanks Josh for the fun video!

5.Lots of shopping. I love my discount from work and being able to share it with family!

6. Dad went crazy and bought everything imaginable to go along with the Wii. The most rousing Rock Band ever. My dad does an amazing rendition of "American Woman." Tyler is awesome at snowboarding on the Wii fit. Also, who knew that Jess could sing scary heavy metal music so well?

7. Lots of tasty home cooked food.

Thanks mom and dad, along with everyone else for a fabulous weekend! Love you all!


Kim said...

Oh my gosh! You posted! I love the video and am going to see if I can put it on my blog!

Kim said...

Oh, tyler says to ask josh if he can get sponsored by sezn for sledding.