Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date?!

Josh took Sadie on a Daddy-Daughter Date. I love that they enjoy similar things and have so much fun together. She is very much a daddy's girl! First of all, they got in the car to head out on their adventure and Josh mentioned that he was excited for their date, but Sadie was not so sure about that. She responds to Josh,

"We can't go on a date dad. I am your daughter!"
He convinced her that it was ok that they went out on a date! They started their evening by heading to the airport to see AirForce One, which was here because President Obama was in town. Sadie thought it was pretty cool to see the President's plane.

They then headed over to the Phoenix Art Museum. Sadie is an artist at heart and enjoyed every minute of it. Together they would be in heaven if they could just create art all day long.

Sadie in front of images at the Museum.

The art museum has several large installations that are interactive. This is Sadie dancing in front of a large video that is displayed on the wall. I love to watch her dance. Thanks Josh for being a great dad and taking Sadie on a Daddy-Daughter Date.


kim huish said...

That is so fun. Josh is such a great dad. Cute little Sades is going to follow in her dad's footsteps I bet with the whole art thing.