Monday, December 6, 2010

Sam is 5!!

I can not believe that our little guy is 5! Time flies when you are having fun! Sam had school on his birthday. These are the boys in his class and they are all the best of buds! Thanks Tommy, Lance and Titan for being good friends! This group is going to be tons of fun in Kindergarten. Sam had to take in his new favorite treat of M&M Chocolate Chip cookies.....Gammie's specialty item!

He had to take care of his favorite thing.....the garden! Sam loves to water the garden. I had a nursery owner tell me that one of the best things for a garden is eggshells. So, I was adding my eggshells to the garden and Sam asked why I was doing this unusual task. I explained why and then his response was, "Thanks mom for telling me this important information. When I am older and a Dad I will know how to take care of my garden and I can teach my kids! Thanks for helping me be a better Dad." What 5 year old is thinking of this stuff already! Sam you are wise beyond your years!

Sam wanted to have an ice cream cone on his birthday and that is what he got! Chocolate.....of course!

On Sunday we had family over to celebrate. Of course there were presents with cousins!

More of "Gammie's Cookies" and ice cream. Yes, I did have to make more of the same cookie!

Sam's self-portrait on his birthday! Taking pictures of EVERYTHING is Sam's new hobby. Just like his father in that sense. I had to delete about 30 pictures to get to the couple that we took! Love ya little guy!

5 things that we love about Sam!
1. You make us laugh ALL the time!
2. Your booty shakin, especially cute in underwear.
3. Your deep thoughts at times that make me wonder what is going on in that head of yours.
4. You are the biggest cuddle bug ever! We love your hugs and kisses!
5. You love to learn...anything about everything!

Happy 5th Birthday Sam!