Monday, December 10, 2007

Cody got Married!!

This weekend was a fast and furious one! My one and only brother got married in Portland. We had a great trip, and a fantastic weekend. Sadie was a flower girl, and Sam was in the wedding party as well. We are so happy to have Alycia in our family now. As you can see, she truly is beautiful and Cody is one lucky man. Sam is also very happy to have his first girlfriend married into the family!

These are the two men in my life! Sam knew that he was hot stuff when he arrived! He came in with his hands on his hips and then threw his foot out and basically said to everyone, "Check me out!" Josh looked pretty good himself!

I had to take the opportunity to take a cute pictures with my two little ones all dressed up! They were so adorable. Sadie was the life of the party, and of course had to be right in the middle of things all night long!